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RtpBridge Revision History

Please check the History of this project !!!


 '+' New features.
 '-' Removed functionality.
 '*' Bug fixed.
 '.' Other things.

v.2.2.x RtpBridge Releases

17/04/2017 V.2.2.0

 [+] T1E1Analizer support has been added
 [+] the Alvis autodiscovery support has been added
 [+] LEC G168+ Dynamic Autodisable has been added on the static channels.

v.2.0.x RtpBridge Releases

09/02/2017 V.2.0.3

 [+] added support SS7 licenses
 [.] disable unused messages on startup rtpbridge 

20/01/2017 V.2.0.2

 [*] fixed non-standard dtmf signals processing
 [+] added hangup after triggering established RTP connection timeout 

09/12/2016 V.2.0.1

 [+] added multiple licenses mode
 [+] added x25 protocols

v.1.32.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.32.13 30/08/2016

 [+] Config files: RETURN command has been added to stop execution of current cfg file
 [+] Multiple config files load at /etc/rtpbridge/conf.d/*.conf in "scan and exec" fashion has been added.

V.1.32.12 03/05/2016

 [+] "e1 ..." commands has been added in telnet/udp interface
 [+] Onboard LED control is enhanced
 [.] rtpbridge rsyslog functionality has been added
 [+] E1 LEDs shows the system load / diagnostics during the booting

V.1.32.11 19/03/2016

 [*] Fixed possible signal data overflow, when the gain is used
 [+] Added start and stop transmit functionality for the HDLC/SS7
 [.] Basic License functionality has been enhanced

V.1.32.10 release 25/12/2015

 [+] Added --nofalc to skip initialization of falc (E1/T1) in rtpbridge
 [+] rtpbridge sends rsyslog message on start
 [+] Added --rsyslog that can be used to set rsyslog server's ip address

V.1.32.9 release 02/12/2015

 [+] Added soft TSS support
 [+] rtpbridge reports about error on start up with exit code of parent process in daemon mode
 [.] "No DMA events" became a fatal error
 [.] Burst device is enabled when clock source is set

V.1.32.8 release 10/11/2015

 [.] "otxhwlayer restart" resets LI devices
 [.] "e1 resync" checks EBIT
 [.] Maximum rate of reported E1 events limited to 20 events per second by default

V.1.32.7 release 05/10/2015

 [+] NLink<->tdm connects support gain set with "set gain..."

V.1.32.6 release 07/09/2015

 [.] Ignore --resync option on some boards, because attempt to resync may cause instability

V.1.32.5 release 01/09/2015

 [.] Improved handling of "nlink soft reset" and "nlink hard reset" commands

V.1.32.4 release 07/07/2015

 [+] Maximum rate of reported E1 events can be limited (all events will be processed with counters)

V.1.32.3 release 11/06/2015

 [*] tdmli receiver could use uninitialized object in some cases 
 [*] Falc clock and frame frequency measurement should be started only when FPGA is present and FPGA f/w >= 3.0.1

V.1.32.2 release 25/05/2015

 [+] Added "n64 suspend" and "n64 resume" commands to pause N64 tx streams

V.1.32.1 release 19/05/2015

 [+] Added -o option to turn off passive mode in RTP library 
 [*] Counter of interrupts was assigned incorrectly in "nlink stats" 
 [.] Improved code that set CRUIS2 encoder parameters 
 [*] Some fixes in output messages 
 [*] Some playback (cpt) support is possible on NLink channels 
 [.] N64 takes LinkId as hex in connect command (was decimal)

V.1.32.0 release 13/03/2015

 [+] Added NAT detection with command "nat detect". At least two STUN servers should be set for NAT detection with command 
     "stun server <server>[:port]" (i.e. "stun server stun.sipnet.ru") 
 [+] It's possible (not mandatory) to set local address and port for NAT detection test with command "stun local <ip>[:port] 
     (i.e. "stun local")   
 [+] Added SIP-ALG detection with command "sipalg detect". SIP-ALG detection server should be set with command "sipalg server 
     <server>[:port]" (by default port 5060 is used) 
 [+] It's possible (not mandatory) to set local address and port for SIP-ALG detection test with command "sipalg local <ip>[:port] 
     (i.e. "sipalg local") 
 [+] Added SNMP support with libOtxSnmp and net-snmp. Currently, LI status and last LI alarm are reported in SNMP (see OTX-* MIB 
     file in net-snmp package). By default, SNMP is disabled in rtpbridge. It iscontrolled with "snmp enable|disable" command. 
 [+] It's possible to setup limit for amount of RTP connections (by default limit is set to 60) with "rtp limit <num>" command,  
     current limit can be read with "rtp limit" command
 [.] /tmp/debug.log is appended, not recreated on rtpbridge start

v.1.31.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.31.2 release 20/02/2015

 [.] Moved /opt/rtpbridge/debug.log to /tmp/debug.log, changed default debug.log size limit (to 512 kb)

V.1.31.1 release 23/01/2015

 [+] Added "watchdog e1 resync" command, that restarts otxhwlayer, if many remote alarms received   
 [.] Changed feedback e-mail address (new address is alvis-support@otx.ru)   
 [.] rtpbridge.log is appended, not recreated on Rtpbridge's start

V.1.31.0 release 16/01/2015

 [+] Rtpbridge can inform clients of Telnet/UDP interface with error codes and messages in case of command handling failure   
 [+] Added "e1 frame get li <num>" command, that prints one E1 frame   
 [.] Fixed output of some telnet commands   
 [.] fax tones detection is disabled by default (can be enabled with "fax detect..." command)   
 [+] Added SIGINT handler to do "forced" exit   
 [+] Added "eeprom write..." command for easier maintenance   
 [*] Fixed error codes processing when failed to connect to RTP library   
 [.] Several optimizations in connect command parsing   
 [.] Improved some error messages   
 [*] Fixed incorrect handling of failure in creating conference   
 [*] "constat <num>" was unsafe (in case of use with passthrough connections)   
 [*] Trial counter could expire too fast   
 [*] E1/T1 counters statistics (hourly, daily, etc.) could be reset faster than once per hour, day, etc.   
 [+] Added new log domain "debug", it is used to log rtpbridge's output to /opt/rtpbridge/debug.log (including traces from XDM  library (DSP))   
 [*] "set gain..." could falsely report that it failed

v.1.30.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.30.0 release 26/11/2014

 [+] It's possible to measure Falc clock and frame frequency
 [+] Rtpbridge can form OtxHwLayer.conf and get current HW layer settings (see "otxhwlayer help" for details)   
 [+] OtxHwLayer.conf understands several new parameters   
 [+] It's possible to set date/time format for log messages and set persistent place for log files (see "log help" for details)  
 [*] OtxHwLayer.conf with T1E1Loop set could not be applied   
 [.] Removed some unused code and parameters from OtxHwLayer.conf   
 [*] Incorrect memory freeing could be possible in error path of initialization of "raw" and "roipctl" devices

v.1.29.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.29.0 release 11/11/2014

 [+] Added "uptime" command, which prints RtpBridge's uptime
 [*] Segmentation fault was possible on RtpBridge's exit if remote control interface (i.e. telnet) is actively used during program's exit process   
 [*] Minor fixes in error messages  
 [.] License autosaving into internal memory is back again. It's applied if there is a valid license in a filesystem, but no license is stored in internal memory 
 [.] Improved evaluation mode handling 
 [.] Several optimizations in disconnect handling and data processing   
 [+] Added -report switch to list command ("list -report"), which prints some statistics about active connections (i.e. time passed since last RTP packet arrived)   
 [+] Added /etc/rtpbridge/remote.conf to setup remote control interfaces (Telnet/UDP/HTTP). Currently, it can be used to select, whether control interface's socket should bind to  
      localhost or to all network interfaces (i.e. "telnet bind local")   
 [.] RtpBridge binds UDP sockets, used for "udp" connect points and to send events, to localhost if it's possible (instead of binding to all interfaces)
 [+] RTP's report counting (used in "list -report") is off by default and can be switched on with new command "rtp report on|off"   
 [+] V.110 can be connected to RTP (custom "pseudo" codec is used to carry V.110 payload over RTP)   
 [+] Added new RTP pseudo-codec "custom" (it has alias "v110")
 [+] Added "fax show config" command that prints current fax configuration   
 [+] License capabilities are printed (as human readable text) on RtpBridge start-up and on "license show[ valid]" command   
 [+] v110->rtp respects "packet size" setting
 [+] Advanced Li events/alarms statistics   
 [.] Improved output of license file capabilities, when it is not a number   
 [*] Corrected some error messages

v.1.26.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.26.0 release 22/08/2014

 [*] "counters ..." command was processed incorrectly in remote interfaces (telnet/UDP/HTTP)
 [+] It is possible to assign RTP payload number to any codec with "rtp map ..." command
 [*] "bert show config" printed incorrect realtime stats printing interval for never started BERT channels
 [.] "helo ..." command is not mandatory for telnet interface
 [+] Added 8 kHz sample-based (8 bits/sample) pseudo-codec "uint8" that can be used for "custom" 64 kbps channels
     with no transcoders or mixers involved in TDM and RTP (i. e. TDM->RTP) area. This pseudo-codec behaves similarly
     with clearmode from RFC 4040 ("clearmode" name is also supported)
 [*] Better file locking on /var/run/... files update (to protect external software from incomplete file reading)
 [*] Does not name RTP payloads, if we have no codecs for them (i.e. G.722)
 [.] Improved mixers in conference (do not treat not connected inputs as silent inputs)
 [+] Very short (shorter than a packet) DTMF events can be detected. The shortest detected event is control with
     "dtmf duration 

v.1.25.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.25.1 release 01/07/2014

 [*] DTMF detector failed to signal about detected tones
 [*] TCP socket leak was possible in one failure path

V.1.25.0 release 20/06/2014

 [.] Cosmetic changes in code
 [+] RtpBridge informs if FPGA run in trial mode and can switch it to normal mode
 [.] Reorganized OTX events handling (more flexible, better performance)
 [+] It's possible to have different frame formats for different spans. However, line code is still common
     and we have no (hw) possibility to have separate clock sources for different spans
 [.] Tiny improvements in /var/run/* files generation
 [*] Generator of /var/run/layer1.json could try to allocate memory for zero spans (if we have no spans)
 [+] It's possible to regenerate /var/run/layer1.json manually with "counters layer1 refresh" command
 [*] Refresh interval was printed incorrectly on "counters ... status" command
 [*] Incorrect error messages were produced on "start playback..." and "stop playback..." commands with bad syntax

v.1.24.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.24.2 release 05/06/2014

 [.] several changes in HTTP interface (mostly logging)
 [.] Safer implementation of logging to file
 [+] RtpBridge can save DSP and ARM CPU load level to /var/run/dspload and /var/run/cpuload files (on by default)
 [+] RtpBridge can save Layer1 status in JSON format to /var/run/layer1.json (on by default)
 [+] It's possible to disable, enable, get status and change refresh interval (10 seconds by default)
     for saving of Layer1 status and DSP and ARM CPU load level with "counters" commanded)

V.1.24.1 release 02/06/2014

 [.] External/internal clock mode, written to EEPROM, is applied to Alvis rev. 2.x (x > 0) only
 [.] RtpBridge prints, what mode of EEPROM emulation is used by driver (if any)
 [+] RtpBridge checks on start, whether telnet interface (if used) is accessible via localhost
 [+] RtpBridge checks on start, whether DMA events are present
 [.] Output of "dsp counters" command was extended (Total amount of DMA events is printed)

V.1.24.0 Internal release 14/05/2014

 [.] Removed some unused code
 [.] dsp.x64P file does not stay in /tmp directory forever anymore
 [.] Several improvements in work with built-in flags and license
 [-] RTP aggregation switched off (it was not used and didn't work correctly)
 [+] Added "license scan" command. It can be used to reload license (without reloading rtpbridge).
 [*] "license save" could miss that "retry" failed to write a word into EEPROM again
 [*] "license save" sets flags to EEPROM if they are totally not present
 [+] "license save|remove" rescans list of licenses on completion
 [-] Removed "tdmpipe" connect point (it was not used for a while)

v.1.23.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.23.2 release 02/04/2014

 [*] Incorrect memory allocations/deallocations on DSP in TDM and RTP connections (bug was introduced in 1.21.0)
 [*] Removed several potentially unsafe operations in log writing and commands parsing
 [.] Some optimization in processing list of connections
 [*] Resource leak was possible in case of license file reading failure
 [*] Fixed several possible memory errors in DSP
 [*] Buffer overflow was possible with specially crafted "ec add" command
 [*] Safer RoIP initialization (in loopback mode)
 [*] Runtime destruction (by command) of standalone point (i.e. used in playback) could result in 
     dereferencing of invalid iterator

V.1.23.1 Internal release 18/03/2014

 [+] Added "nlink stats" command, which outputs NLink up/down counters 
 [*] Corrected check, whether NLink frame is crypto marker frame 
 [+] LED shows NLink status (up - LED is on, down (inactive) - LED is off)

V.1.23.0 Internal release 04/03/2014

 [+] Experimental handling of NLink crpyto marker frames (to output ring signal when there is no crypto sync) 
 [.] Some improvements in licenses backward compatibility

v.1.22.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.22.1 Internal release 21/02/2014

 [.] Extended licenses support (for Alvis rev. > 2.0 boards)

V.1.22.1 release 17/02/2014

 [+] Added RoIP loopback support ("roip loopback..." command) 
 [+] It's possible to manage tx buffering in core-2-core processing with -X (--txprefill)command-line switch. 
     Prefill is measured in DMA events (corresponds to 8 ms of data) 
 [.] Improved license writing to flash memory

V.1.22.0 release 30/01/2014

 [+] Added RoIP support

v.1.21.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.21.0 Internal release 06/12/2013

 [+] Added DTMF detection/generation in TDM and RTP (RFC 2833) connections (experimental)"dtmf mode rfc2833|inband" 
     is used to switch this handling on/off (on by default) 
 [.] More strict data conversion in strings handling 
 [*] Fixed possible bug in "exit" and "quit" commands handling in console interface 
 [+] RTP jitter can handle RTP payload type change without SSRC change 
 [*] Fixed issue with duplicate RTP packets detection in jitter for frame-based codecs

v.1.20.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.20.1 release 06/12/2013

 [+] Added support for boards with non-Micron NAND chips

V.1.20.0 release 13/09/2013

 [+] Connection points can be precreated (they remain standalone until deleted or passed to "connect" command). 
     Standalone RTP and TDM points can be used to start playback on them. (experimental) 
 [+] Added playback support to RTP and TDM (experimental)

v.1.19.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.19.0 Internal release 26/08/2013

 [+] Added FPGA flashing support
 [.] Updated license format (old licenses are still supported, but should be replaced)
 [+] Added Alvis-GW product support 
 [*] Frame sequence was started with random number (should be 1) for HDLC (from TDM side)
 [*] Source id was formed incorrectly for HDLC (from TDM side) (bug was introduced in 1.18.3) 
 [*] OtxHwLayer could not apply default value for termination mode (if there is no value in config file)
 [.] Safer I2C transactions implementation 
 [+] Added support for FPGA watchdog LED (requires FPGA f/w >=
 [+] Added 56 Kbps HDLC channels support (capacity is handled with "hdlc set capacity 56|64" command) 
 [+] Added gain support (currently, it works for "codec" only and implemented with shift (+/-6dB))
 [.] Appropriate license is necessary to use "codec" connections 
 [.] FPGA f/w version is printed on "show license" command and --getsn command-line switch
 [+] Added LI alarms statistics (total, hourly, daily, and weekly) 
 [+] LI events are logged to /tmp/li_events.log file
 [+] Log files limit can be set with "log main|bert|e1t1 size <value>" 
 [*] Fixed several memory leaks
 [*] Master/slave mode (external (FPGA-driven) clock source) check was missed in "otxhwlayer restart" command handler 
 [+] Implemented HTTP control interface (experimental)

v.1.18.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.18.5 Internal release 07/05/2013

 [-] License autosaving into flash memory is disabled
 [.] Licenses are handled in the different way, so it is possible to have 
     separate license for every capability
 [+] License can be saved into flash memory with "license save" command
 [+] License can be removed from flash memory with "license remove" command
 [+] Command "license show" shows licenses' capabilities
 [+] Command "license show valid" shows list of valid (for this board) licenses
 [+] Command "dsp counters" ("console dsp counters" for net interface) 
     prints DSP core-2-core counters
 [*] RtpBridge used incorrect flags to check what is stored in flash memory.
     Flags are updated, OtxDaVinci.ko update is required as well.
 [*] Fixed incorrect locks on VICP memory in DSP
 [.] Changed core-2-core processing in DSP, so that DMA could take updated data,
     if they are available without need to wait for processing task
 [.] Improved G.168 handling

V.1.18.4 Internal release 27/03/2013

 [*] Description string was incorrectly formed for "amr" connections
 [.] Safer and faster disconnect handling
 [-] Some licenses are not valid for this release
 [.] Newer RTP library is required (API was changed)

V.1.18.3 Internal release 15/03/2013

 [*] File descriptors (sockets) in telnet interface could leak in some cases
 [.] UDP command interface prints received commands in verbose mode
 [.] Improved handling of disconnect command
 [.] Updated HDLC processing to reduce calls to DSP
 [*] Passthrough mode could be incorrectly (not) determined in some connect commands
 [+] Command "list" output can be filtered with substring (like it was done in "ec list")
 [+] Command "list -long" outputs list of connections as well as connection duration
 [*] Fixed double free issue, that was possible in some cases when "connect" command fails
 [*] Fixed memory leak on DSP in "tdm" connection handling

V.1.18.2 Internal release 14/02/2013

 [*] Fixed problem when RtpBridge could not handle telnet connections after some time
 [.] Changed verboseness necessary to get "UDP rx timeout..." messages

V.1.18.1 Internal release 11/02/2013

 [.] Several optimizations and stability improvements
 [*] Fixed identification in RtpBridge's syslog entries
 [.] Improved BERT logging
 [+] Added "bert show templates" command, which lists all existing templates for realtime log formatting
 [.] More information is printed on "bert show config" command
 [+] Added support for common BERT history logging
 [*] "bert start all" could indicate one loss on start-up in cable loopback
 [*] Fixed issue with incorrect stdin, stdout, stderr redirection in daemon mode
 [*] --load (-L) command-line argument was processed incorrectly
 [.] RtpBridge can operate in restricted mode even if it has FPGA issues
 [*] XDM link was not closed correctly on exit in some cases
 [.] verbose mode (verbose > 2) turns on DSP traces
 [*] Fixed a bug when jitter could be set incorrectly after RTP SSRC change in some cases
 [*] Fixed "shutdown" command
 [+] Added "license_restriction" command, which forces RtpBridge to exit if it works without a license
     (with a basic license only)

V.1.18.0 UDP control interface support 05/12/2012

 [+] Added UDP control interface (with the same functionality as telnet interface). --udport (-u) sets
     UDP port for this interface (10000, by default). --nocontroludp (-U) turns off use of this interface.
 [+] White list support is reimplemented (with performance and resource optimization).
     /etc/rtpbridge/allow.conf sets white list for telnet and UDP control interfaces.
 [*] Fixed bug when specially crafted command message in console interface could lead to stack corruption.
 [+] BERT (realtime) log messages format can be specified with "bert log <number> set template <format>" command.
 [.] Files deprecated in 1.11.1 declared obsolete. However, they are still supported.

v.1.17.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.17.0 BERT support 28/11/2012

 [+] Added BERT functionality. "bert help" command lists all available commands in BERT module.
 [.] Several improvements and optimizations in different connection points that use DSP
 [*] Fixed bug when minimum packet (block) size could be not set or set incorrectly for output TDM
     connection when payload type of input connection changes
 [+] Added voltmeter support for Alvis-CSI boards (rev. 2.x boards need updated driver
     and FPGA firmware for voltmeter support)
 [.] Added "li get status" and "li get alarms", aliases to "listatus" and "lialarms" commands
 [.] Added diagnostic LEDs support for rev 2.x boards (if supported by FPGA firmware).
     BERT uses these LEDs to indicate SYNC and errors if RtpBridge started with -B (--bertblink)
     command-line argument

v.1.16.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.16.2 Licenses stored in internal memory support 26/09/2012

 [+] It is possible to store licenses in board's internal memory
 [*] Several memory fixes in license module
 [+] There are three jitter types now controlled with "jitter type" command: legacy, adaptive, and weak.
     Default type is adaptive. Legacy implements behavior of previous releases. Adaptive adapts to slow
     data source if necessary. Weak resync jitter timestamp on every jitter buffer depletion.
 [.] Several improvements in board type detection
 [+] Bridge saves license into board internal memory if it is supported, valid license file is provided,
     and there is no license stored in internal memory
 [+] UDP rx connections can be configured to send events on rx timeout
 [*] A-law <-> PCM16 conversions could be incorrect for some values (bug introduced in version 1.16.0)
 [+] It is possible to change level of verbosity in runtime with "verbose <value>" command

V.1.16.1 Internal release 25/07/2012

 [.] Little improvements in telnet interface
 [+] Added "amr" connection point that carries "raw AMR" over UDP. This point can be connected to TDM or RTP point
 [*] Some small fixes in "codec" implementation
 [*] Several fixes in trace messages
 [.] Added -V (--version) command line argument that prints product version.
 [*] Fixed unclear behavior of passthrough bridge when data are ready for the point that does not exist (any more)
 [.] Several changes in "udp" point implementation that allows it to receive bigger datagrams and behave better
     in duplex connections (experimental)
 [.] Tiny improvement in V.32 channel creation command. Option field ('c') is case-insensitive. It is possible to
     specify 'a' ('A') as option for "answer" call
 [.] "Raw AMR" uses packed bit format without reordering

V.1.16.0 Internal release 25/05/2012

 [+] Added echo cancellation support. Commands "ec add/remove/list" manage echo cancellers.
 [+] Added basic RtpProxy functionality. RtpProxy protocol via UDP socket is supported.
     Commands "rtpproxy start/stop/list" manage RtpProxy.
 [.] Several changes in interfaces to increase data handling accuracy
 [+] Added "codec" connection point that can be used to decode/encode data. This point passes
     encoded/decoded data back to the bridge. So, duplex bridge is required.
 [+] Added V.32 support (experimental). V.32 connection points require duplex bridge
 [+] Added support for duplex connections with "connect duplex" command (experimental)
 [*] Fixed possible issue in UDP ("udp" point) remote address retrieval while receiving data
 [+] Duplex UDP points can get address (if allowed) to send data to by receiving UDP data from that address
 [+] Added "raw AMR" data support. "Raw AMR" is 4.75 kbps AMR frames without any headers (i.e. RFC 4867 headers)
 [*] Fixed possible segmentation fault in V.110 creation when unsupported data transfer rate is requested.

v.1.15.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.15.2 Special release 10/04/2012

 [+] Added "tss delays" command that allows to set bit delays for TSS "highways"

V.1.15.1 Bugfix release 04/04/2012

 [*] Fixed several memory leaks in retrieval of information from license
 [*] Fixed: telnet interface was never destroyed

V.1.15.0 Bugfix release 20/03/2012

 [*] Fixed possible overflow while parsing bogus tdm "connect" command

v.1.14.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.14.4 Special release 20/03/2012

 [+] It's possible to specify log file with -L (--log) command line argument (default log
     file is /tmp/rtpbridge.log)
 [+] RtpBridge monitors FPGA aggregator counters and resets FPGA if it's necessary

V.1.14.3 Special release 21/02/2012

V.1.14.2 Special release 13/02/2012

 [+] Added experimental AMR-NB support (both octet-aligned and bandwidth efficient modes)
 [+] Added some support for RTP DTMF (RFC 2833) passthrough
 [+] Passthrough bridge tries to set payload type for tx end when rx's payload type changes
 [+] It's possible to make tdmli to tdmli connections
 [*] RtpBridge does not try to falsly report about "unable to fork" problem in daemon mode

V.1.14.1 Special release 18/01/2012

 [+] Added "tss" commands to manipulate FPGA-driven TSS
 [.] Commands received with telnet are printed out in verbose (-vv) mode
 [*] RtpBridge does not exit on SIG_PIPE if telnet client is closed while RtpBridge tries to send response to it
 [.] More efficient algorithm of master channel choice in conferences
 [*] Fixed buffer overflow that was possible with creation of many "hdlc" connects
 [+] Added "v110" connections
 [.] Unified jitter initialization in RTP connections
 [*] Fixed some trace messages in "tdmli" connections

v.1.13.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.13.0 Internal release 21/11/2011

 [.] Alvis Rev.2 boards licenses were updated. They must include "hwid" field.
 [+] HDLC sender uses FIFO, so there is no more "2 frames per 8 ms" limit.
 [+] Added -e (--ethagg) command line option that enables external aggregation
 [+] Added -A (--aggonly) command line option that says RTP receivers to use aggregation only to receive data
 [.] --getsn outputs "hwid" if it's present on the board
 [+] Added -r (--raw) command line option that says RTP receivers to use raw socket to receive data
 [+] Added support for external (FPGA-driven) clock source
 [*] Fixed memory leak that was possible when device fails to obtain buffer from proxy processor
 [.] Better handling of RTP library events
 [+] Added "xdm stats" command that outputs counter of xdm i/o controls per second
 [.] "show license" prints hwid information if it's present
 [*] Fixed possible memory leak that could happen in the case of Nx64 connect initialization failure
 [.] "tdmli" devices use proxy interface
 [.] Several internal changes
 [.] Fixed several typos in log messages

v.1.12.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.12.2 Telnet interface support 16/09/2011

 [+] Telnet interface is available with basic license

V.1.12.1 RtpBridge instance ID support 16/09/2011

 [.] More informative and correct error messages
 [*] Dynamic HW layer (E1/T1) reinitialization does not fail on Alvis-CSI-4M
 [+] RtpBridge does not allow to create TDM TX devices if it is not supported with h/w configuration
 [+] It is possible to turn off some RtpBridge functionality on start-up (-R --nortp turns off RTP,
     -C --noconf turns off conferences, -T --notdm turns off TDM, -N --notelnet turns off telnet interface)
 [+] /etc/rtpbridge/allow.conf is exported with --exportcfg (-E)
 [*] Fixed incorrect calculation of XDM and TDM counters in case of some device creation failures
 [+] RtpBridge instance ID is passed together with Source ID when sending events over UDP

V.1.12.0 SS7 support 11/08/2011

 [.] Changed license format. Old license files are not supported.
 [+] Added SS7 receive/send support
 [+] It is possible to leave or remove (default) FCS16 from HDLC frames (before send).
 [.] Small internal changes in "tdmli" channels
 [*] Fixed: Incorrect information was shown on "constat" command in some cases
 [*] Fixed error in parsing TRAU channel specified in format "trau:li:ts:mask(val)"
 [+] Added support of Alvis-CSI-4M (was supported in High-Z termination mode only)
 [*] Command line argument --exportcfg (-E) exports configuration files n64.cfg, rtptdm.cfg and hdlctdm.cfg

v.1.11.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.11.2 HDLC sending support 29/07/2011

 [+] Added HDLC sending functionality (UDP-to-HDLC)
 [.] Experimental headers in packets with HDLC frames extended with new fields:
     protocol version, flags and frame size
 [+] Added UDP rx support
 [*] Alvis-2-CSI Rev.2 will use RTP aggregator if it is available
 [.] Change algorithm of data fragmentation in N64 streaming. New algorithm tries
     to pass frames with constant length (if it is possible) over Ethernet. The prefferable length
     corresponds to 4 ms of data.
 [.] Some optimizations in "connect" command parsing
 [.] Memory usage optimizations in TDMoP channels
 [*] Fixed FCS16 calculation in HDLC decoder
 [*] Dynamic HW layer (E1/T1) reinitialization does not fail if board autodetection is required
     (BoardType AUTO) in OtxHwLayer.conf
 [+] Added the reading of the configuration files n64.cfg, rtptdm.cfg and hdlctdm.cfg
     (from /etc/rtpbridge) together with the configuration file /etc/rtpbridge/cfg
 [*] Fixed the segfault that happens while trying to delete RTP connection which was created less than 1 second ago.

V.1.11.1 TRAU GSM decoding support 26/05/2011

 [+] Experimental support for headers in packets with HDLC frames (HDLC-to-UDP),
     turned off by default
 [+] RtpBridge instance's id can be assigned (used in HDLC-to-UDP experimental mode)
 [.] Removed specific driver-dependent code added in 1.11.0 for Rev.2 boards
     (this code is redundant for OtxDavinci.ko >=
 [+] /root and /opt/rtpbridge are deprecated places for configuration files.
     New place is /etc/rtpbridge. Old places are suppported in this release.
 [+] Added support of board autodetection (BordType AUTO) in OtxHwLayer.conf
 [+] Added partial support of RTP channels in passthrough bridge (experimental)
 [.] /tmp/OtxStreamer.log replaced with /tmp/rtpbridge.log
 [+] Experimental support for TRAU GSM decoding (TRAU-to-UDP and TRAU-to RTP)
 [+] HDLC decoder checks FCS16 on DSP
 [*] Fixed incorrect "blocks in use" calculation in RTP jitter in the case of
     duplicate packets

V.1.11.0 Internal Beta release 26/04/2011

 [.] Several performance optimizations
 [*] Fixed handling of events with odd amount of data
 [.] RtpBridge runs with nice -10
 [+] Added support of Alvis-4-CSI Rev.2 and Alvis-2-CSI Rev.2
 [+] Experimental support for unframed mode (E1/T1)
 [+] Experimental support for dynamic HW layer (E1/T1) reinitialization
 [+] Experimental support for DAHDI-compatible TDMoE connections
 [+] Added support for RTP aggregation on Alvis-CSI Rev.2 boards
 [.] Serial number is printed in "show license" command output

v.1.10.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.10.1 Direct HDLC decoding support 04/04/2011

 [+] Added N64 streaming protocol over Ethernet (n64 connections) for using with the Asterisk.
 [+] Added Direct HDLC decoding support (HDLC-UDP)
 [+] Added HDLC-UDP transmit support (to transmit HDLC messages over UDP).
 [+] Added hdlc filter of the MTP SS7 messages (FISU, LSSU) in HDLC decoder
 [.] Increased quality and stability of voice streaming in high load scenarios.
 [*] Sequence reference counter (used with -t) resets on RTP "reconnection"
 [.] More strict checks in Command CONNECT parsing
 [+] Added a connections close indicator during RtpBridge shutdown.
 [*] Forbidden tdmli to tdmli connections, please use TDM-TDM connects instead.

v.1.9.x RtpBridge Releases

V.1.9.3 Internal Beta release 22/03/2011

 [*] RTP connection resets jitter on SSRC change
 [.] Improved traces. -v command increases verbosity
 [+] Added -l (--load) comman line argument to warn on DSP overload

V.1.9.2 N64 Streaming support 17/02/2011

 [*] Fixed several telnet socket (and interface) issues
 [*] Fixed several memory leaks in disconnect procedure
 [+] Added support of Alvis-PBX-2
 [*] Fixed issue for conference connections that have no input but have
     TDM output(s)
 [*] Fixed issue for disconnecting TDM output master channel from the conference
 [+] Added --getsn command line switch that saves S/N of the board into the file
 [+] RtpBridge now checks whether the other instance of RtpBridge is running
 [+] Added "basic license" that allow to use TDM and N64 streaming without license
 [+] RtpBridge config may be saved into the archive with --exportcfg command line
 [.] Added "ulimit -s 1024" to /etc/init.d/rtpbridge to allow more than 122 RTP-2-RTP
 [+] Added restriction of IP for telnet interface support (with /opt/rtpbridge/allow.conf)
 [+] It is possible to set up clock source for TDM in OtxHwLayer.conf file
 [+] Full passthrough support for N64 streaming (1-32 timeslots)
 [*] Fixed memory corruption in N64 Streaming connections
 [+] Added possibility to send OTX events over UDP
 [+] Layer1 events are printed on stdout in console mode of RtpBridge
 [+] Added "listatus" and "lialarms" commands that allow to get LI Layer1 status
 [*] Fixed data loss in output TDM PCM16 (slin) connections
 [*] Fixed bit inversion in A-law to A-law RTP-TDM connections
 [*] Fixed: impossible to disconnect conference connection by description
 [.] Improved jitter resynchronization

V.1.9.1 Internal Beta release 15/11/2010

 [+] Added initial support for N64 Streaming (31 timeslots, no headers)
 [.] Changed DSP implementation of GSM-FR codec (was trial)

V.1.9.0 FPGA Aggregation support on the Alvis-CSI Rev 2.x 19/10/2010

 [-] SNMP monitoring support disabled for this releasse.
 [.] libOtxHw.so is used instead of static library.
 [+] Added partial support of GSM-FR codec.
 [*] Fixed false error signalling that was possible for simple connections 
     when payload change event occures without actual change of payload.
 [*] Fixed alignment issues in ARM<->DSP data exchange.
 [+] DSP firmware is embedded into application.
 [+] Added RTP aggregation support. -u (--udpagg) command line argument turns
     UDP-based aggregation on. -e (--ethagg) command line argument turns
     Eth-based aggregation on. Aggregation must be supported by libOtxRtp.so
     to work properly.
 [+] Added -t (--testrtp) command line argument that turns on check for RTP
     sequences (for debug purposes).
 [+] Added dummy connection point ("null[:codec]").
 [+] Added partial support of Alvis-ASM. Host(x86)-based application is 
     necessary for TDM to work properly.
 [.] Improved ARM<->DSP interconnection.
 [.] Unified command handling for console, telnet interfaces and config file (/root/cfg).
 [*] Fixed MCONNECT command handling in console interface.
 [.] Max amount of RTP connections increased to 512.
 [+] Added support of Alvis-CSI-2

v.1.8.x RtpBridge Releases (STABLE BRANCH)

V.1.8.0 Internal beta release 09/08/2010

 [+] Added support of SNMP monitoring.
 [+] Added -s <num> (--packetsize <num>) command line argument and
     "packet size <num>" command that controls the packetization (set in ms).
 [*] Fixed false error signalling for the conferences that have no outputs
     (all outputs have been disconnected or have not been connected yet).
 [*] Fixed attenuation of signal in TDM-to-TDM connections.
 [.] Changed default pid file name to /var/run/rtpbridge.pid
     (was /var/run/rtpstreamer.pid).

Old RtpBridge Releases (History now)

V.1.7.0 Bugfix release 24/06/2010

 [*] Fixed several alignment traps.
 [.] Used OTX XdmLink Layer API v.1.7.0.
 [+] Added command "constat <num>" that prints information about connection.
 [+] Added command "jitter blocks:<max>:<min>" that sets jitter time and
     jitter delay in 10ms blocks.

V.1.6.1 Bugfix release 11/06/2010

 [.] Used OTX XdmLink Layer API v.1.6.0.
 [.] Some internal changes.

V.1.6.0 RTP Improvement release 04/06/2010

 [+] Added handling of "Disconnect by timeout" event from OTX RTP Library.
 [+] Added command "traces on|off" that turns DSP traces on/off.
 [+] Added -b (--burst) command line argument that disables "Core2Core" and
     uses burst events instead.
 [.] Improved quality of conference mode.

V.1.5.1 Minor bugs fixed release 27/05/2010

 [.] Increased amount of DSP logical devices.

V.1.5.0 Internal alpha release 24/05/2010

 [+] RTP-TDM functionality added.
 [+] TDM-RTP functionality added.
 [+] TDM-TDM functionality added.

V.1.4.1 Internal release 20/04/2010

 [+] Buffers handling in asynchronous transcoding enhanced.
 [.] DSP jitter enhanced.
 [*] Timestamps fixed.
 [*] Source clock frequency for some RTP payload types fixed.

V.1.4.0 Internal release 06/04/2010

 [+] Multi-party conferences support added.

V.1.3.1 Internal release 18/03/2010

 [+] New Telnet interface added.
 [+] Some internal changes and stability fixes.

V.1.3.0 Internal release 05/03/2010

 [+] DSP jitter functionality added.
 [+] Many internal improvements added.

V.1.2.1 Internal release 16/02/2010

 [+] Buffering in asynchronous transcoding changed.
 [+] Performance gains and several stability fixes.

V.1.2.0 Internal release 12/02/2010

 [+] Asynchronous transcoding added.
 [+] Performance gains.

V.1.1.0 Internal release 27/01/2010

 [+] Many internal changes added.

V.1.0.1 Internal release 15/01/2010

 [*] Timestamps calculation for outgoing RTP packets fixed.
 [*] Telnet interface fixed.

=== V.1.0.0 Initial internal alpha release 29/12/2009 ===