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The RTP Bridge is a universal voice/data streaming media gateway application running on the top of TDM (E1/T1) or IP-based (RTP,TDMoP,nx64) media streams designed for the industry's award-winning Odin Telecom frameworX (OTX) hardware.

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Basic Features

  • The RTP Bridge solution provides a flexible data transfer between various type of channels:

E1/T1 spans, RTP end-points, Nx64 TDMoP multislot channels. i.e: RTP->RTP, RTP->E1/T1, E1/T1->RTP, E1/T1->E1/T1

  • Voice channels transcoding: G.711 (a-law, u-law) / G.711.1 / G.711.2/ G.723, G.726, G.729(a/ab), GSM-FR, AMR-NB. From any to any format. Using a separate DSP CORES 4700MIPS each!
  • Decoding/encoding of HDLC signaling channels (including the SS#7 MTP2) and forwarding the messages to the remote UDP and TCP hosts with a low latency.
  • Realtime connections control via telnet interface: add/delete connections, query system status and E1/T1 links.
  • Support of HighZ non-intrusive E1/T1 connections and sending all the timeslots to the remote hosts.
  • Low-Power and High-Capacity Hardware Solutions within onlu 1U Racks are available.
  • Hardware WatchDog Timer plus System Management Controller ensures system reliability comparable with the big servers.
  • SNMP MIBs are available for E1/T1 Alarms, CPU/RAM status etc.

More Features

Supported OTX Hardware

The RTP Bridge is targeted to use DaVinci™-enabled Alvis-CSI modules of Odin TeleSystems like:

Alvis-CSI-2, Alvis-CSI-4, Alvis-CSI-0

In a rack-mountable case a multiple modules could be installed in a line.


Despite of RtpBridge is a commercial product, Odin TeleSystems pre-includes a basic license available for each OTX CSI Applicance product. More: If you wish to have some customized features like adding more codecs, support of an additional protocols etc - Contact US!