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RtpBridge supported Alvis-CSI Product Family

float Alvis-CSI is a modern OTX Standalone Probes family made by Odin TeleSystems Inc..

It is a small form-factor standalone appliances modules to be assembled in the Rack Mount 19 1U chasses (up to 2 pcs in line). Because of extreme low power consumption (~3W..5W per the Alvis-CSI module) this solution suits very good to build a Green Rack-based monitoring systems. Also it leads to design a systems with a small UPS requirements vs other solutions.

RTPBridge supported Alvis-CSI modules Product family

Duplex mode Alvis-CSI products:

Passive monitoring only Alvis-CSI products:

Rack Mount Cases

There are different options are available depending the power voltage, number of modules, front-panels etc. Please visit our main product-related site for more information.