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To quickly create many RTP connections please use the following command:

MCONNECT <num_of_conn> rtp:<src_ip>:<src_remote_port+shift>:<src_local_port+shift>:[src_codec] rtp:<dst_ip>:<dst_remote_port+shift>:<dst_local_port+shift>:[dst_codec]

The abbreviations are:

  • num_of_conn: number of connections
  • src_ip, dst_ip: source/destination IP-address
  • src_remote_port, dst_remote_port: source/destination remote port number
  • src_local_port, dst_local_port: source/destination local port number
  • shift: port’s shift
  • src_codec: source/destination voice codec used for the specified stream end, e.g. alaw (or g711a), ulaw (or g711u), g723, g726, g729.

You can use this command only in the case of RtpBridge commands run from a configuration file.
If src_codec and dst_codec parameters are not specified, they take the default value. Currently the default codec is alaw.
For the incoming RTP data src_codec can be overridden by the payload type of RTP packet.


mconnect 31 rtp: rtp: 

(Creates 31 connections)