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Connects UDP-to-HDLC

Assume we have an HDLC/SS7 signalling coming over UDP transport from some server and it is needed to send that into the E1/T1 timeslot. It is possible to complete that using Command CONNECT.

Command syntax Description

connect udp:<ip_addr>:<remote_port>:<local_port> hdlc:li<E1T1_span_number>:ts<timeslot_number>


RX Part (UDP):

ip_addr - Incoming UDP Connection IP Address of the Remote Host;
remote_port - Incoming UDP Connection port of the Remote Host;
local_port - A port that RtpBridge will listen on any UDP data.

TX Part (TDM E1/T1):

E1T1_span_number - E1/T1 Span Number, from 0 ... N-1, N=2 for the Alvis-CSI-2 or N=4 for the Alvis-CSI-4;
timeslot_number - TDM E1/T1 Timeslot Number, 0 ... 31.

Simple Example


   connect udp: hdlc:li0:ts1

In this example the HDLC messages coming over UDP from the remote host from the port 12000 to the local RtpBridge port 4000 will be sent to E1/T1 span Li#0, Timeslot 1.