How To Install and Configure the RtpBridge

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It is recommended to install the RtpBridge on Alvis-CSI system with firmware package version 2.12.6 or later. For more information of firmware upgrade, please refer to Alvis-CSI Firmware Upgrade Howto.

Install from the online repository

To install the OTX RtpBridge from rpm repository please follow these steps:

  1. Update the rpm repository packets list:
    apt-get update
  2. Install RtpBridge package with a command:
    apt-get install rtpbridge*
  3. Install RtpBridge WebIf package with a command:
    apt-get install rtpbridge-webif
  4. Optionally you may install the package with the sample RtpBridge configuration files:
    apt-get install rtpbridge-configs
  5. Reboot the unit (Alvis-CSI):
    sync & reboot

Alternative install via the RPM package


Running RtpBridge in debug mode

The RtpBridge will automatically start at system start-up (daemon mode). You can connect it via Telnet. If you want to start with the debug mode CLI (NON DAEMON MODE!!), then issue the commands:

service rtpbridge stop 

If you will get a "Basic license is used" message please follow the instructions in How to get a License?