RtpBridge as a Passive E1/T1 Monitoring Probe

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In Monitoring Applications often it is needed to be able to monitor the E1/T1 TDM links and send them via the RTP or UDP (Nx64) transports to the remote servers for the processing. Alvis-CSI Probes are equipped by the additional HighZ mode circuits for the Non-Intrusive monitoring w/o any external Monitoring Baluns to be used.

The users could start creating their monitoring solutions w/o warming by C-programming of Odin OTX SDK API, w/o going to the jungles of DSP programming etc, just operate the UDP sockets on their x86 server side.

This setup includes a couple of TDM-RTP connects. Please look more this article for the details.

Simple E1-to-RTP Monitoring configuration setup

Edit the /root/cfg config file:

   connect tdm:li0:ts1:g711a rtp:
   connect tdm:li1:ts1:g711a rtp:

In this simple configuration :

E1/T1 data coming from Li0 Ts1 sent by the RTP packets to the remote host to port 10001 from Alvis-CSI local port 20001.
The data from Li1 Ts1 goes to host port 11001 from our port 21001 on Alvis.
Codec G.711 A-law has been used in both cases.

What are the Benefits of RtpBridge E1/T1 Monitoring solution?

  • The E1/T1 Monitoring over Ethernet: user does not need to operate directly with E1.
  • No compatibility problems specific for PCI/PCI-Express systems.
  • E1/T1 streams are processed over Ethernet instead of implementation on server. It allows to operate more efficiently and to save Rack space. Application gets RTP/UDP data yet after very easy setup.
  • Compactness of Alvis-CSI stand-alone probes increases cost-effectiveness of the business.
  • Low power consumption comparing with huge, noisy and expensive Rack servers.
  • Complete system management over Ethernet.
  • Easy and unlimited scalability: to get more E1/T1 lines just add more Alvis-CSI units.
  • User do not need to know the OTX SDK API and to develop own embedded software.
  • The solution is fully redundant and hot-swappable.
  • It is possible to add an additional decoders like HDLC (including the SS#7 MTP).
  • It is possible to compress the voice data to any supported voice codec including the ITU G.729.

What OTX hardware is compatible

Alvis-CSI modules (up to combination of 2 of them in one rack case):

>Models Alvis-CSI-4M and Alvis-CSI-2M has 2 E1 siplex connections in one RJ45 - so one duplex E1 link monitoring in one!

More Detailed RtpBridge Setup Example

To setup Passive E1/T1 Monitoring please follow the instructions in Passive E1/T1 Monitoring Setup. Also please look the E1/T1 Layer1 Setup HowTo