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There are several ways to run the RTP Bridge Commands:

There are several commands available to control / get status of connections between the RTP and TDM media streams (or mixed):

RtpBridge Connections Control/Status Commands

  • CONNECT – establishes a simplex cross-connect between an incoming and outgoing RTP / TDM streams
  • DISCONNECT – disconnects a simplex cross-connect between an incoming and outgoing RTP / TDM streams
  • MCONNECT - quickly creates many RTP connections
  • LIST - displays the list of existing connections
  • CONSTAT - displays channel statistics
  • COUNTERS - configuration counters writing to files
  • DSP COUNTERS - displays information of DSP counters
  • EC - setting config echo canceller
  • OTXHWLAYER - configuration hw layer
  • FAX - setting config fax
  • LISTATUS - displays information about status T1/E1 ports
  • LIALARMS - displays information about warning signals E1 interfaces

Common parameters of connections

  • PACKET SIZE - setting the default size of RTP packets (in milliseconds) in TDM->RTP Mode
  • JITTER BLOCKS - setting the jitter blocks parameters

Automated load connections via the startup file

RtpBridge System Status/Main Commands

  • LICENSE - displays information on RtpBridge license (customer name, software version, board serial number, expiration date)
  • EVENTS - setting up the E1/T1 Layer1 Events sending to the remote host over UDP
  • CONSOLE - executes console command
  • CORE - executes Telnet interface command

RtpBridge Hacker's commands

  • DSP LOAD - outputs the DSP load once
  • DSP LOAD EX – outputs the DSP load in a separate thread each second
  • BURST STATS - displays the Burst statistics
  • TRACES - switches DSP traces (on/off)
  • RTP MAP - mapping data rtp streams
  • BERT - configure Bit Error Rate Test
  • BENCH - executes codec benchmark. Only for the TEST PURPOSES, should not be used with a real connections in progress!!!
  • DTMF - setting value Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
  • PLAYBACK - setting signal's for playback
  • E1 get frame - outputs frame E1