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This command need for configured echo canceller:

ec add|create <opt>
  • Example:
ec add 0:1:alaw adt:512

Current command remove connection with echo canceller:

ec remove|close <params>
  • Example:
ec remove 0:1

This command display current connections with echo canceller:

ec list
1:1:alaw adt:512
1:2:alaw adt:512
1:3:alaw adt:512
1:6:alaw adt:512
1:7:alaw adt:512
1:8:alaw adt:512
1:9:alaw adt:512
1:10:alaw adt:512
1:11:alaw adt:512
1:12:alaw adt:512
1:13:alaw adt:512
1:14:alaw adt:512
1:15:alaw adt:512
1:17:alaw adt:512
OK list