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RtpBridge as a RTP-to-E1/T1 Media Gateway

The RtpBridge as a RTP-to-E1/T1 Media Gateway performs the ability to receive RTP data and to transmit it in E1 (as a G.711 a-law or u-law). The RtpBridge accepts a wide set supported codecs over the incoming Rx RTP(G.711, G.729, G.723.1, G.726, G.722, GSM-AMR). RtpBridge automatically selects a proper codec decoder using the powerful DSP C64x+ core.


Rtp-to-E1 Simple Gateway Configuration setup

Edit the /root/cfg config file:

   connect rtp: tdm:li0:ts1:g711a 
   connect rtp: tdm:li1:ts1:g711a 

In this simple scenario the data coming from from ports 10001 and 11001 are going to the ports 20001 and 21001 on the RtpBridge , transcoding to the G.711 a-law, then sending to the E1/T1 Li0:Ts1 and Li1:Ts1 respectively.

What are the Benefits of the RtpBridge based RTP-E1 resending solution?

  • The Media Gateway from compact Alvis-CSI box provides complete data transfer from RTP to E1.
  • Support for most popular audio codecs: G.711, G.729, G.723.1, G.726, G.722.
  • No compatibility problems specific for PCI/PCI-Express systems.
  • Compactness of Alvis-CSI stand-alone board increases cost-effectiveness of the business.
  • Support for mixers, transcoders and multi-party conferences.
  • Low power consumption comparing with huge, noisy and expensive Rack servers.
  • Complete system management over Ethernet.
  • Easy and unlimited scalability: to get more E1/T1 lines just add more Alvis-CSI probes.
  • User do not need to know the OTX SDK API and to develop own embedded software.
  • The solution is fully redundant and hot-swappable.