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The RtpBridge allows to send E1 super channels over UDP or over Ethernet to PC, and backwards, to receive UDP packets with E1 data and to send them to E1 as super channels.

N64streaming TDMoUDP.jpg

Simple Configuration of the Nx64 Streaming

   connect tdmli:0:31 tdmop:
   connect tdmop: tdmli:0:31

In this simple configuration the entire span Li0 (Ts1 - Ts31) is sent to the remote host to port 10001 from Alvis-CSI local port 20001. The UDP data coming from the remote host, port 10002 to the Alvis-CSI local port 20002 is used to transmit to the span Li0 (Ts1 - Ts31).

What are the Benefits streaming a full E1 Nx64 frames solution?

  • Remote host application gets a possibility to operate with E1 using UDP or RAW sockets.
  • No compatibility problems specific for PCI/PCI-Express systems.
  • Easy and unlimited scalability: to get more E1/T1 lines just add more Alvis-CSI units.
  • Compactness of Alvis-CSI stand-alone units increases cost-effectiveness of the business.
  • Low power consumption comparing with huge, noisy and expensive Rack servers.
  • Complete system management over Ethernet.

What OTX Hardware supported for this mode?

Alvis-CSI, Alvis-PBX.