HDLC/SS7 Probing

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The RtpBridge in conjunction with the RtpBridge HDLC Addon allows to listen large number of E1 timeslots of the Alvis-CSI working in the HighZ Mode with HDLC/SS7 data and stream the decoded HDLC messages over UDP or any other transport protocol to some remote server.


Simple E1/T1 HDLC/SS7 Probe Monitoring Setup


What are the Benefits of solution?

  • HDLC processing is implemented on a probe.
  • Possibility to generate exact timestamps of messages (E1 frame counters), what is important for SS7 network monitoring (time synchronization).
  • Adjust to different types of MSU-level protocol.
  • Compactness of Alvis-CSI stand-alone probe increases cost-effectiveness of the business.
  • Complete system management over Ethernet.
  • Easy and unlimited scalability: to get more E1/T1 lines just add more Alvis-CSI units.