E1/T1 Traffic Grooming using the RtpBridge

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Complex Grooming
Complex E1/T1 Grooming via the multi-CSI solution (RTP is used)

The RtpBridge can be used for E1/T1 Traffic Grooming - the process of grouping many small telecommunications flows into larger units, which can be processed as single entities. Often the objective of grooming is minimizing the cost of the network by reducing the E1/T1 line cost. The feature of Odin’s solution is that RtpBridge allows to implement the simple commutation in a Native Bridging Mode. At the same time it is possible to perform more complicated schemes using Ethernet.

The data can be sent for additional processing on user’s server, returned to the RtpBridge and demapped into output slots.

What are the Benefits of Alvis-CSI & RtpBridge Grooming solution?

  • Good Scalability: No limits of number incoming E1/T1 links for the Grooming operations.
  • Support of Non-Intrusive HighZ Mode w/o need to install an external balloons at all!
  • No compatibility problems specific for PCI/PCI-Express systems.
  • Compactness of Alvis-CSI stand-alone systems increases cost-effectiveness of the business.
  • Low power consumption comparing with huge, noisy and expensive Rack servers.
  • Any processing (i.e. on user's server) can be integrated.
  • Complete system management over Ethernet.
  • Easy and unlimited scalability: to get more E1/T1 lines just add more Alvis-CSI units.
  • User do not need to know the OTX API and to develop own embedded software.
  • The solution is fully redundant and hot-swappable.