N64u Streaming over UDP

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The RtpBridge can send/receive a full E1 span super channels over UDP.

It uses the following format of UDP packet payload:

1 byte 1 byte 2 bytes 4 bytes 2 bytes 2 bytes N_FR*N_TS bytes
Version Offset Link id Sequence N_FR N_TS Payload

All fields are in the network order.

N64u Streaming Fields description

  • Version is a protocol version. This field must contain 1.
  • Offset is an offset in bytes to payload from the beginning of header. This field should contain 12.
  • Link id is a link identifier.
  • Sequence is a 32-bit sequence for the channel (which starts with 0 and increments by one for every packet).
  • N_FR is a number of E1 frames in the packet.
  • N_TS is a number of timeslots in E1 frame.
  • Payload contains N_FR amount of E1 frames with N_TS timeslots in each frame (timeslot 1 comes first, timeslot 2 comes 2nd, and so on).