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For a safety purposes it is recommended to backup the configuration of the system in some secured place. The RtpBridge based installations are designed to run for years, so it is better to just save the config files and you could repeat the setup fairy easy!

Backup RtpBridge Manually

  • Main configuration file of the RtpBridge is /root/cfg.

But it is possible to include other config files from it, so better open it and check for any READCONFIG occurances. If they will be found, need to save them too.

  • T1/E1 Configuration file is located in /opt/rtpbridge/OtxHwLayer.conf. Save it too!
  • RtpBridge License file: this is the file /opt/rtpbridge/RtpBridge.lic or any *.lic file in the directory /opt/rtpbridge/.

Restore Configuration

If the RtpBridge is not installed, install it first.

   apt-get update
   apt-get install rtpbridge

If RtpBridge has been already installed, it is recommended to update the fresh RtpBridge version before restore the configuration.

   service rtpbridge stop
   apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Then copy the configuration files and license file back to their places.

Test setup


  service rtpbridge start